Employment at Flinders

Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) is a large public teaching hospital located on the campus of the Flinders University in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide, capital of South Australia. Serving a population of 400,000 it is a major employer of professional and non-professional people.

The hospital currently employs approximately 3,200 staff in a variety of roles. These include:

Medical Technical & Scientific
Nursing & Midwifery Administrative
Allied Health Managerial
Trades Research
Dental Operational
Support Staff  

Each year the hospital participates in a number of graduate and traineeship programs. In the area of medicine these include internships and registrar places in a range of specialty areas while the Graduate Nurse Program is designed to assist nursing students to make the transition between study and work in an acute care setting. The Allied Health Division also employ new graduates in speech pathology and podiatry.

Flinders Medical Centre recruits graduates accepted into the South Australian Public Sector Graduate Program in areas such as accounting, business studies and management. Traineeships that are part of the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments’ commitment to assisting young job seekers to enter the labour market, are also offered in job categories such as information technology, clerical and technical.

A range of work experience places for senior secondary or tertiary students is also available on application.

Over the next two years Flinders Medical Centre aims to become an 'employer of choice' by improving incentives, career opportunities and job satisfaction for staff. This will increase our chances of attracting, recruiting and retaining highly capable people in areas where skills are in short supply.

These professional and non-professional areas include:

Flinders Medical Centre offers a range of employment options including permanent positions, short and long term contracts and casual work. It is also possible to work part time or job share in some positions and a range of other 'family friendly' work initiatives will become available during the next 12 months.

On site facilities include a 60 place childcare centre catering for FMC and Flinders University staff and the general community. Set on large natural grounds the centre is open 6.30 am – 6.00 pm Monday to Friday. For further details please contact the director on telephone (08) 8204 5306.

While some positions must be advertised to public sector employees in the first instance, many others are recruited through external advertising in state and national newspapers, journals and professional bulletins. Enquiries are always welcome.

Contact Details
Human Resources Advisory Team
Ph: (08) 8204 5264
Fax: (08) 8204 5526
email: Human.Resources@fmc.sa.gov.au